July gig at LanaLou’s + pics from the Railway Club

Happy July! We've had a heatwave on the Westcoast and it doesn't look like it's going to rain or cool off anytime soon, so stay hydrated, everyone! Our next gig is on Friday, July 24 at LanaLou's Rock 'n Roll Eatery with our good friends the Spheres ...

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Railway Club gig, Province top 10 pick!

We're counting down the hours until our Railway Club gig this Friday, June 26. The lineup has changed slightly as it will now be On The Run closing out the night.  We'll be the third band to hit the stage and we'll be starting just after midnight. ...

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June gigs, pics from the Astoria

Happy June, everyone! Boy, 2015 has flown by, hasn't it? We continue to keep busy with two gigs in June: On Sunday, June 21, we'll be playing Main Street Car Free Festival, in front of Red Cat Records, 4332 Main St., near East 28th Ave. We'r ...

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