Next gig is Saturday, April 8 at LanaLou’s

We're pleased to announce our next gig is on Saturday, April 8th at LanaLou's Rock 'n Roll Eatery, 362 Powell Street in Japantown, East Vancouver. We'll be playing with two great local bands whom we consider good friends: 2 Days & Counting an ...

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Oct 14 at LanaLou’s + Virgo-a-Go-Go pics

It's "Rocktober" and, speaking of which, just thought we'd give you a heads up about our next gig--Friday, October 14 at LanaLou's, 362 Powell Street, Japantown, in Vancouver. We'll be sharing the stage with our good friends, the power poppin' Mot ...

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Next gig, Dec 12 + videos from last gig

Our next gig is coming up on Friday, December 12 at LanaLou's Rock 'n Roll Eatery. By that date it'll be less than two weeks until Christmas, so it'll be a perfect time to take a break from your seasonal festivities and come out and dance! We’re s ...

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