Happy new year + Bowie Ball 2018!

Happy new year + Bowie Ball 2018!

Posted: January 3, 2018

Happy new year, everyone, and we hope you had a good holiday season with family and friends. This year looks to be yet another busy one, with gigs already booked and finishing and releasing our fourth album. Keep watching this space for more updates on both!

Thank you for coming to our 2017 gigs and a big thank you to all the people and venues who booked us: Blaine at the Fairview Pub, Lana at LanaLou’s, Rob at the Princeton Pub, Mo at the Rickshaw Theatre, Dave at Red Cat Records, Richard of Northern Electric, Dave Bowes for the Bowie Ball, Noah of The Tower of Dudes, Bruce of Teenage Tiger, Dave of 2 Days & Counting, EddyD of EddyD & the Sexbombs, Pete of Coach Strobcam and Oke of Random Dander. Thanks also to the bands we played with and shared their equipment with us last year: CLONE, Top Hat Goblins, Tayt Modern, The New Black, Finn Leahy, Swank, SLIP~ons, David M., the Furniture, Pointed Sticks, 2 Days & Counting, Coach StrobCam, EddyD & the Sexbombs, Shadooby Rats, Rocky Mountain Revival, The Great Outdoors, Rich Hope, The Sylvia Platters, Weird Candle, Fake Tears, Edmonton Block Heater, RADco, The Tower of Dudes, Teenage Tiger, Two Apple Tobacco, Zafirios, Pete’s Arcade and the VanRays… it’s likely not a complete list so our apologies if we missed you.

We suffered a major loss this past year with the passing of our good friend Paul Leahy of Polly and No Fun (and Pleasure Suit and Tranvestimentals) from cancer. On January 27 of last year, we were chuffed to be a part of the Super Duper Show at the Rickshaw Theatre and got to play a couple of Paul’s songs, “Big Excitement” and “When She Has Her Coffee,” and a cover of one of his favourite tunes, Yaz[oo]’s “Only You.” Sadly, Paul passed away the night before the show, so the gig turned into a celebration of his life and music. We talked about him in a post from January, and we can’t say it enough that Paul was a truly special musician, one of the best guitarists we’ve ever seen, and an even better person. His quiet, humble personality belied his showmanship and incendiary guitar playing. We continue to miss him dearly.

On a much brighter note, we will continue to channel Paul’s spirit as we will be part of the Bowie Ball for the third straight year; it looks to be another amazing night for charity and tribute to one of our all time favourite artists, David Bowie. The show is this Saturday, January 6 at the Rickshaw Theatre, 254 East Hastings Street in Vancouver.

We’ll be playing three songs (all different from last year!) at around 10 pm, but get there early (doors open at 7) to watch all the other amazing local bands playing their favourite Bowie songs! Admission is $15 and all the proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Here’s the Facebook event page:


Tickets are available from Red Cat Hastings and Main Street, Neptoon, Highlife and Zulu Records, and you can also purchase them online here:


Happy 2018!

Tim Chan and Mike Chang of China Syndrome

Tim and Mike at the Bowie Ball in January 2017, Rickshaw Theatre.