Happy 2016 and a look back at the past year

Happy 2016 and a look back at the past year

Posted: January 2, 2016

Happy new year, everyone, and we hope you had a fantastic holiday season. 2015 was a great year for us, especially because of the release of our third album, The Usual Angst. Our friend Bruce told us that having put out three albums makes us legitimate, so from that standpoint it looks like we’re legit now!

We really appreciated the kind reviews we received on the album in a number of publications including The Georgia Straight, The Province and the Vancouver Sun. And we are also grateful for the coverage we received on sites such as the Times Colonist, Nanaimo Daily News, New Westminster Record, The Snipe News, Alienated in Vancouver and 1001 Records. Thank you all for getting the word about our gigs and our album.

We’d like to thank you for coming to our gigs in 2015. A big shout out goes to IMU Productions for booking us multiple times last year, and thanks to all the promoters, bookers and owners who allowed us to play on their stages in 2015 and who support independent, original music.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank all the bands we played with and shared their equipment with us last year: The Walk-Ins, Danny Echo, Vibromonkey, Broken Triangle, Mouthful of Daisy, The Sylvia Platters, the 3 a.m., Molly Be Damned, The Spheres, Bindweed, The Jamies, Bubble11, On the Run, The Great Outdoors, Kensington Gore, RADco, Seven Minute Lull, Teenage Tiger, Polly and Black, Red & Blonde… we likely have missed a few, so our apologies!

We also recorded a few choice cover songs in 2015 with Adam Payne at his House of Payne studios. We posted our version of Modern English’s “I Melt With You” just before Christmas and will be posting more songs from these sessions in the coming months. Thanks, Adam!

As for 2016, we’re looking to book gigs in Metro Vancouver as well as other parts of BC, as we continue to promote The Usual Angst. We’re also working on a bunch of new songs, so returning to the recording studio may be a distinct possibility for this year as well — fingers crossed!

Below are a couple of our favourite performances from the past year, shot by the indelible @lildrammerboy, who has put up with us at all but one of our gigs in the past year — you rock, man! “Lost In the Bay” is from our October 26/15 gig at the Roxy and “My Pal Dan” is from the Copper Owl in Victoria on April 25/15. Happy 2016!