Happy new year!

Posted: January 1, 2015

Happy new year, everyone, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We’d like to take this time to thank you for coming to our gigs in 2014 and thank all the bands we played with and shared their equipment with us last year: The New Black, The Spheres, Wonderful Diving Horses, Jason & the Diatonics, Scrambled Debutante, The Belief Experiment, SK Robot, the Perms, The Tower of Dudes, Hearse, The Hex, Amy Casper, RADCo, Reid Williams, Rugged Uncle, Clunt and the Scrunts, the Diviners… hope we got everyone!

Now looking ahead to 2015, of course the most exciting thing will be the release of our third album, The Usual Angst. We’re pleased to offer this in almost all available formats at this time, download, streaming, CD and, of course, vinyl LP. The Usual Angst will be out in February and our album release party is set for Saturday, March 7 at the Railway Club.

As we get closer to the release we’ll be sharing more details about The Usual Angst. In the meantime, here’s another preview of the album, the rockin’ track, “One Too Many.” Here’s to 2015!