Pics and video from Nov 16 gig

Posted: November 21, 2012

We had another fun night at the Railway Club on November 16! We debuted a couple of new songs (and didn’t totally suck on them!) and we really enjoyed all the other bands. It was our pleasure to play with Noise in the Hall on their debut show (soulful duo) and Quiet Kids were also awesome (and very kind to lend their backline for the evening). And it was great to finally share a stage with The Furniture, featuring sound guy extraordinaire, Johnny Wildkat. Thanks again to I.M.U. Productions for booking us.

Our next gig will be on Friday, December 7, at LanaLou’s where we will be opening for Polly as they release their debut CD, All Messed Up. This album is truly one of the best things we’ve heard all year and frontman Paul Leahy (ex-No Fun) is David Bowie and Mick Ronson rolled into one. The band also features China Syndrome alumnus Eric Lowe on drums and man about town, David Charan (2 Days and Counting, Beat Seeking Missiles, etc.) on bass. And for the second time in three weeks we’ll be sharing the stage with The Furniture!

Here are some pictures from our November 16 gig (all taken by Linda Bakker), along with a video (at the very bottom) of the brand new song, “One Too Many.”

The band

Tim and Mike

Vern and Kevin





“One Too Many”