Posted: January 7, 2012

Railway Club January 20, 2012

Hi and welcome to our new website! It’s taken us six years and having a web designer join the band (thanks El Chango!), but we’re pleased to finally have a site of our own, and you can consider this the new home for all things China Syndrome. Please bookmark our home page and then come back and visit regularly for news, gig updates, videos, pictures, exclusive tracks and our occasional blatherings. Feel free to check out the site and explore; as always, we welcome your feedback. And yep, despite the luddite tendencies of some of us, we’re with it enough that you can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace via this site!

First things, first, we’re looking forward to playing our first gig of 2012 this Friday, January 20 at the Railway Club in Vancouver, 579 Dunsmuir. And for those of you working people, we’re on at a reasonable hour as we’ll be the first of four bands playing that night starting at 9:45 pm. A great local power pop band, S.K. Robot (of the annual Guided By Voices karaoke night fame) plays right after us, then Coloursurround and The Party on High Street round out the bill. Thanks to Cindy and I.M.U. Productions for booking us once again. We’ll be introducing some new songs as well as playing stuff from our two albums. Hope to see you Friday!

Tim, Mike, Vern and Kevin