Gung hay fat choy!

Posted: January 23, 2012

Gung hay fat choy and happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Here’s to a great Year of the Dragon, which is particularly special to two members of China Syndrome…

And thanks to all the kind folks who came to see us at the Railway Club on January 20 – we had a blast! We’d like to especially thank:

  • I.M.U. Productions for booking us
  • S.K. Robot (great band!) for letting us use their bass amp
  • Coloursurround for bringing the drumkit
  • Rob for doing our sound
  • Cowbela Lugosi for being Cowbela Lugosi
  • All the people who danced!
  • Friends of Tim’s who came to the Railway and didn’t know we were playing!
  • The barber guy for complementing us, then giving Vern and Kevin his card to drum up some business
  • The woman who correctly guessed the snippet of “Don’t Stop Believin’ we played in “Another Girl, Another Planet” and won a copy of our CD. Hope you enjoy it!

We’ll soon have some pictures of the show posted in our Photos page. As well, we videotaped the show and have posted three of the songs on our spankin’ new YouTube channel – click the following link and check it out:

Our next show is on Friday, March 9 at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster. We’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks with more details.